Muto: flexible in mobility, without the complexity

Meet Muto, the new face in fleet and mobility management

Efficiently managing mobility

Muto: innovation mobility management

Muto is derived from the Latin word for move and change. Because as an all-in-one mobility management platform, that is exactly what Muto does. Muto moves with the rapidly changing mobility needs in your organisation. And not only that: the focus is always on the employee.


Muto and its parent companies XPOFleet and Fleet Support are part of AutoBinck Group.

Years of experience in a brand new platform

Muto is a product of XPOfleet, the seasoned market leader in fleet and mobility management software. As a subsidiary of Fleet Support, XPOfleet is part of the well-known AutoBinck Group, which also includes Mobinck and SnappCar. AutoBinck Group, with 1,700 employees, is a large and renowned player in the mobility world.