Get the most out of your mobility management with Muto

With Muto, you effectively manage all mobility within your organisation. From cars to bicycles and home charging stations to mobility cards.

What makes Muto unique?

All-in-one mobility platform

Modern mobility management goes beyond managing a car fleet. After all, these days you also manage bicycles, mobility cards and even charging stations. With Muto, you manage all types of mobility assets on one easy-to-use platform.

Scalable and expandable

Muto is a supplier-independent mobility platform. That means you will easily integrate multiple mobility suppliers٭. Connecting to other applications you use every day is also easy. What if your business suddenly grows rapidly? Muto grows with you just as fast, because you decide how many assets you add.
* Muto is under continuous development, integrations are possible at a later stage.

The focus is on the employee

In Muto, you let employees create their own mobility plan. Muto indicates their budget (and the impact on their salary), then they choose the mobility mix that fits their needs. Plus point: a flexible mobility policy increases employee satisfaction.

Muto is:


Your data is safe in Muto. Thanks to advanced encryption and continuous updates, no one gets to your valuable data. Muto's builders are ISO27001 certified and thus experts in data security. Moreover, Muto and the linked systems are 100% hosted in Europe.

Simple to use

Thanks to its intuitive design, you will master Muto in no time. And if not, there are plenty of explainer videos for you. Of course, you can also always visit the Muto help center.


Muto does not involve any software or installation. Muto is web-based and get started with a login right away. Sign up today for the free plan, equipped with all functionalities.

Some of
Muto's functionalities


Modern mobility management

Muto is an all-in-one platform that lets you manage your entire mobility offering, from car to subscription and from bicycle to mobility card. Muto integrates seamlessly with your suppliers and takes most of the data entry and administrative tasks off your hands.

All your data in one place

Muto provides a detailed and complete overview of all your employees and their assigned mobility options. So you know exactly who drives what and how people travel. Adding or removing an asset, such as a bicycle or charging station, is done in a jiffy.

Reports & analysis

You can easily get that mandatory CO2 report from Muto. But Muto will soon also be able to prepare very sophisticated reports and analytics for you. This is great if you want insight into whether mobility policies are keeping pace with sustainability ambitions. Muto also keeps track of the bicycle and car tax addition for business drivers.

Contract Management

Muto knows exactly when each contract expires. You will be notified when action needs to be taken. This way, you avoid an unnecessary and costly extension. In the dashboard, Muto also shows which assets have not yet been assigned to employees. So you always work with an up-to-date to-do list.

Damages and repairs

You also manage damage reports in Muto. Indeed, you can link damage reports to the status of repairs. You even recover – if relevant – the cost of the repair directly from the driver.

Create a free account

Wondering if Muto is right for you? Try the platform for free now. For an optimal experience, you get the same functionalities as with a paid account. This is how you get started.

1. Create an account

We really don't need to know everything about you yet. Based on your e-mail address and self-created password, you can already get started.
Within a minute, you will have your free account.

2. Import

Employees and mobility assets are easily added via the import tool. Just fill in the simple template and you're done.

3. Management

In the free version, you can manage up to 10 assets. Much less than you're normally used to, but you do get a good idea of how Muto works.

Muto: better every day

The great thing about Muto: the platform is improving every day. Based on comments from the user community, Muto is constantly adding new features and expanding existing ones.