Unlimited mobility needs.
One platform

Meet Muto.
Muto is a new mobility platform that lets you truly manage all forms of business mobility. Whether that is the car, bicycle or mobility card. Even the charging station at home you put in. With Muto, you know how your employees travel, so you always facilitate them in the best possible way. You get an overview of your suppliers and insight into your costs. All in one seamless environment.

Muto. Driving mobility intelligence

The benefits of Muto

Put your employees on one

With Muto, you know how your employees manage their mobility, so you can respond precisely to their needs.

All in one platform

Forget tabs, files and folders. Manage all your mobility in one platform. You have all your suppliers at a glance.

Always up-to-date

When a contract expires, you are automatically notified.

Save time and costs

Important analyses and detailed CO2 reports: you get them from Muto in no time. Adjust your mobility policy and save in costs. You always see how much budget you have left.

Easy to use

Muto works very intuitively; you can get started right away. Very convenient: Muto is web-based and you always work in a secure environment.

Create a free account

Wondering if Muto is right for you? Try the platform for free now. For an optimal experience, you get the same functionalities as with a paid account. This is how you get started.

1. Create an account

We really don't need to know everything about you yet. Based on your e-mail address and self-created password, you can already get started.
Your free account is ready instantly.

2. Import

Employees and mobility assets are easily added via the import tool. Just fill in the simple Excel template and you're done.

3. Management

In the free version, you can manage up to 10 assets. Much less than you're normally used to, but you do get a good idea of how Muto works.

The frequently asked questions about Muto

What is Muto?
Muto is an innovative mobility platform that lets you truly manage all forms of business mobility. From cars to bikes to mobility cards to even home charging stations. In Muto, you also keep track of your suppliers, contracts and budgets, all in one seamless environment.
Who is Muto for?
Muto is ideal for fleet managers, HR managers and mobility managers managing multiple forms of mobility. Indeed, in the Muto platform, you register not only cars, but also bicycles, mobility cards, mobility budgets and even the home charging station.
What makes Muto unique?
Muto is the only platform that enables mobility managers to manage all forms of mobility. One platform contains all the functionalities you need.
Is it easy to get started with Muto?
Muto is web-based. So you don’t need to buy and install any software. You create an account and get started. Then it is a matter of importing employees and mobility assets and getting started. And anyone can do it, as the platform is easy to use and designed to save you time.
What does Muto cost?
With Muto, you pay 2 euros per employee per month, regardless of how many assets (car, bicycle, mobility card, charging station) are linked to it. As the number of features within Muto grows, the price will evolve with it.
Can I try Muto for free?
Yes, you can. The free plan allows you to try out all of Muto’s features up to a number of 10 employees. The free plan comes with all functionalities.
How often do you release updates?
Every week we make small tweaks to improve Muto, and there is a bigger update every two weeks. Rest assured, the update is automatic, so you don’t have to install anything. In our monthly newsletter, we will update you on these latest features.

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